Weddings are a huge day. Months of planning have gone into it, and capturing the little details of the day is just as important as capturing the big parts of the day.

Families & Portraits

Family photo sessions are such a fun time to really express yourselves. With small children, letting them play and be a part of the fun usually leads them to being more cooperative and enthusiastic about the day.

Newborns & Maternity

A new baby is so exciting! Everything is new and perfect, and from that point, they start growing so fast, its hard to remember that they were ever that tiny.

Product & Food

Products are exquisitely unique. The craft that goes into each item tells a story of the person behind it. I love photographing products both as the item itself, and in a lifestyle setting.


Just because it isn’t a wedding, doesn’t mean that events don’t deserve great photos. From birthday parties to work events, being able to look back and enjoy the memories is what it’s all about.

Landscape & Travel

Being able to travel is one of my favorite things in life. Every place has its own unique beauty, and being able to capture that, while experiencing all that life has to offer.